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Waffle cake with boiled condensed milk

Waffle cake with boiled condensed milk

🕓 Preparation Time:
15 min.
🍲 Cooking Time:
0 min.
🥧 Pieces quantity:
🍽 Served for

5 person

💬 Waffle cake made of crispy waffles with boiled condensed milk. Fast preparation. No cooking required.

Waffle cake with boiled condensed milk

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  1. You can use large round wafers to make one large cake that can be sliced, or small ones to make individual little wafer cakes. Whatever size or shape is available at the store will work for this recipe. A package of large wafers usually contains about 8-10 waffles, which is perfect for making one large cake. For this recipe we will use 30cm round wafers and got twenty generous slices of cake. If you are buying small wafers, count on about 8 wafers per cake.
  2. You’ll need about two 620 grams jars for a large waffle cake. I recommend that you grab 3 jars to be safe, just in case you end up using more on each layer. You don’t want to run out while making this cake!
  3. Simply spread Magmum boild condensed milk of  your desirable taste over the waffles, layering them on top of each other. This step should be done at least few hours before you plan on serving the cake, so that the boild condensed milk has a chance to soak into the waffles.

That’s it!

The cake can be kept refrigerated or at a cool room temperature for up to 7 days!