About Magmum

Natural & Tasty

NO Food Preservatives

NO Food Artificial Addictivs

NO Emulsifiers or Food Gums

NO Food Colorants

NO Skimmed Milk Powder or Starch

Magmum uses only the best...

Magmum products do not contain any “E”, emulsifiers, stabilizers or artificial additives. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in manufactoring. The technological process of production itself, compared to similar products offered on the market, is quite complex and requires a lot of effort and diligence.

For this reason, Magmum products have exceptional taste and quality!

About Magmum

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in manufactoring!

About Us

UAB Magmum was founded in 2011. Since then, we have continued to improve and evolve. We believe that success only visits those who strive for it. Believing in our aspirations, we move forward to open up new opportunities and meet the expectations of our customers.